It All Starts With jesus

Happy New Year! What? Yes, I really do mean that. You probably think I’m a little off in my timing, but in reality, Sunday, December 1 marks the beginning of the Church calendar. Most of us don’t realize that but in fact the Church over the ages has established a calendar that marks the significant moments in the life of Christ as the events to establish a rhythm in our own lives. It begins with Advent. And it includes, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost. Beginning the year at Advent is just a little “counter-culture.” That in itself sends a message that those who follow Christ “march to a different beat.” In other words, instead of it beginning with New Year’s, really it all starts with Jesus. You see, Advent is the time we focus on preparing for the coming of Jesus – and the impact that His coming has on our own lives. Think about your priorities, your values, your identity. Where does it all start? My prayer is that for you, it all starts with Jesus.

Whether it does or not – whether you are a Christ-follow or not, I certainly want to remind you that if you have a prayer request of any kind, send it to me. Our Prayer Partners will pray for you. And I hope you join other students at: