In the Background

 Have you ever noticed the visual background when you play your music through your media center? It shows up on your TV panel. And although it’s supposed to be background designs, it seems to have a direct impact on how you respond to everything around you. Sometimes it’s slow moving pictures or designs that make you feel at ease and peaceful. Or perhaps it’s a frantic display of psychedelic lines and colors that agitate you and make you feel frenetic and in a hurry – no matter what you may be doing at the time. What’s meant to be in the background seems to have such a big impact on setting the tone for your own attitude.

You can set the background for the music of your daily work. You are as affected by the background as you are the particular activity you are engaged in. And when others interface with you, they are impacted by the background of your life. The question is, what is that background of your daily life? Is it frenetic anxiety that puts you and everyone else on edge? I invite you to adjust the settings so that the image of Christ becomes the background to the music of your life.

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