The Melody Line

Have you ever heard a song with no melody? It’s just a lot of harmony parts but nothing to tie it together. The sounds may be nice and pleasing to the ear but somehow there's no cohesion. It makes no sense and there's no sense of wholeness.

Now imagine Christmastime. There are lots of celebrations and many different traditions. They are all wonderful in their own right. Whether its lights on the tree, gifts to family and friends, good food, Christmas carols, and sales at stores. Each of them is really nice. But there's no cohesiveness and nothing that draws it together to make a point -- that is, until you introduce the melody line, Jesus Christ. The reason for the season. The center of all the activity. Jesus becomes the melody that holds all of the harmony lines in our celebrations together. In Christ we find meaning for everything else we do at this time of year.

If you have any prayer requests please send them to me. Our prayer partners will even be praying over the holiday season.

May God give you a blessed Christmas with Christ as your melody line!