Your head hits the pillow at night after a long, busy day and the silence envelopes you. At first it’s a relief. It’s as if the silence is almost loud. Then as the din settles a bit, the voices start. First it may be regret. Regret for missed opportunities and selfish actions. Then it may be anger. Anger over an injustice to you or a close friend or family member. And soon revenge speaks up. Planning how you would get even; expose the injustice and punish the perpetrator. Anxiety soon follows. Anxiety about how you will face the day tomorrow and get it done. Mixed with it all may be an undertone of discouragement and despair. The voices seem to grow loud as you try to shake them off and get to sleep.

In the silent hubbub of noise, listen! Somewhere in the middle is a small, persistent voice, a veritable whisper. “I love you!” “You are a precious child of God.” That’s Jesus, giving you your real name. The Enemy wants you to believe all the other voices, but listen to this one. Jesus – telling you who you really are.

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