Looking Through a Pipe

 When you look through a pipe all you can see is the small range of vision at the other end. You miss everything else that is out of range – including, perhaps, some really beautiful views and opportunities. Perhaps you think you are deficient because you don’t know where you’ll be or what you’ll be doing in 5 years. People around you are all talking about their plans, steps to complete their plans, excitement about achieving their plans. They seem laser-beam focused on a destination. And it seems like they are so confident in their pursuit. But wait a minute – you have the benefit of seeing the whole landscape. And in seeing broadly, you will become aware of some really beautiful views and opportunities.

You see, God may have some really great things that will shape your life profoundly on a path you never expected. If you’re looking at your future through a pipe, you may miss those wonderfully life-giving places and experiences God would love to give you. In reality, your path may best be discovered by taking the pipe away and allow the experiences the Lord gives you to shape your path. Then look back and marvel at how He knows the best journey for you to walk!

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