Bouncing Back

 Racquetballs have a lot of bounce in them.  You watch as the trajectory of the ball heads downward as if to stop the activity. Then when it hits the wall or floor something inside the ball itself causes the ball to bounce back. As if with new life it responds to the obstacle and stays active.  Just as you think the ball is dropping and headed to a barrier, something inside makes it respond and stay in the game.

Perhaps you feel like circumstances of your life are headed downward.  You see a huge obstacle ahead with no apparent way out.  Just when you hit the wall, if Christ is a vital part of your identity, something inside of you responds and keeps you in the game.  You may not know where it comes from and nothing about the situation around you explains how you can remain responsive.  It comes from within.  Christ in you, the hope of living.  Bouncing back is in the nature of those who walk with Him.
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