Soul Peace

Peace - we use the word all the time. We talk about world peace; we wish others peace; we ask God for peace; we plead for arguing parties to just be at peace. Usually it’s a wish that gets expressed when there is tension, war, arguing, discontent. So peace in that situation becomes simply the end of whatever hardship, turmoil or stress is upon you. In fact, peace is much more than that and really has little to do with circumstances and a lot to do with the condition of your soul. When we share the peace of Christ with one another, we certainly cannot expect there to be no trials – look at the trials Christ suffered for us. So when we wish that on another person, we have to realize that the peace of Christ we give may not fix the trouble, but it is a prayer for a deep sense of God-given identity and purpose which transcends the circumstances. To have an inner peace that comes from Christ is the single most effective antidote to the strain, discontent, tension, and hardship many live with from day to day. This is not a circumstantial peace, but a “soul peace.” Share the peace.

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