Doing Life Together

 Think about the times you’ve had conversations with your close friends. Do you always have to set aside a special time and place and subject? I doubt it. Certainly occasionally you mark a time on your calendar and decide to meet at the nearby coffee shop to discuss a special issue. But most of the time, you just do life together and in the course of activities, you talk to each other in phrases, reminders, quick conversations about what’s happening. And in the course of life, you trust each other to understand the meaning of those exchanges.

So with Christ. Sure, you may set aside special time, a place, and issues on your prayer list. But mostly Jesus may want to just do life together. And in the course of life, you build trust as you engage in exchanges like you would with a friend – about your motives, your decisions, your actions, your priorities, or just reminding you of what’s important. But first, you have to decide that he is in fact your trusted friend.

Blessings on your day,