Let Go!

 When you feel like you’re drowning in deep water, instinct tells you to thrash, panic, and grasp for anything you can in an attempt to survive – to protect yourself. Maybe it’s not water, but likewise when you feel like you’re drowning in circumstances, your instinct is to grasp and thrash for anything you can get hold of. Maybe you have been hurt. Our human reaction is to look for something – a person, a reason, anything to grab onto to save ourselves from drowning. Interesting that the worst thing you can do is to become panicky. But we are always told to relax, let go, and let the water hold us up.

Maybe it’s not in water, but you may feel like you are going under. Or that someone or something is pushing you down. Your instinct is to defend yourself, to panic, to look for anything to blame justify yourself or to grab onto to save your drowning self. But as it is true in water, so it is true in life – let go! Release and trust that the Holy Spirit of God will hold you up. Of course you still have to do your job and fulfill obligations, but you can release, relax, and let go of the need to defend yourself to survive. Resting in the arms of God will bring freedom, forgiveness and fullness of understanding the deepest part of your soul.

Rest in the Lord today!