The Keel of Your Life

 When the keel breaks in the middle of an ocean storm, Redford’s yacht becomes completely the victim of the winds, waves, and currents. There is nothing to stabilize or center it against the external forces. “All is lost” he writes in his journal. Nothing intrinsic to the boat will provide balance or stability. It is at the mercy of the storm.

In much the same way, joy is the keel of your life. Joy does not depend upon the external forces but is an internal condition when your soul is right with God. Christ brings the joy of new life. Whether you are in the rough circumstances of high winds and waves, or the pressure of strong currents tearing at you, the deep keel of the joy of Christ that is intrinsic to your life provides balance and stability. Will you embrace the Christ this week as the keel of your life?

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Blessings during this Easter week!