Seeing Beyond the Obvious

 The boy lost control of the ball. It hit the window on the side of the house shattering the glass! Instinctively in a panic, the boy ran putting as much distance as he could between himself and the broken window. A block away he suddenly came face to face with his mother who quietly marched him back home. There, he received his discipline – a spanking, and a sentence. “I’m not spanking you for breaking the glass but for running away.” A lesson learned, never to be forgotten. The most important issue was not the window. But the boy needed a little help seeing beyond the obvious.

Jesus marched into Jerusalem hailed as a king – Palm Sunday. The people doing the praising needed a little help to see beyond the obvious. The obvious conclusion was that a new king would give them tax relief, a new order, freedom. By week’s end, though, it became clear that what was going on had nothing to do with taxes or political power. It had to do with setting the hearts of people free from the effects of sin to become what God designed for them – Children of God! Perhaps this week we may need a little help to see beyond the obvious.

If you are near the Azusa campus, you are welcome to take advantage of the Stations of the Cross which has been prepared for you in the north hallway of the Mary Hill building on west campus. It is available Monday - Thursday to you for personal reflection in seeing beyond the obvious. On Friday, the University will be closed.

May God walk with you during this Holy Week.