Life or Death Choices

 When you think of life-or-death choices, you probably think of split second decisions made by a police officer, or fire-fighter, or perhaps a traumatic moment when you were faced with saving someone’s life after a serious accident. But I don't suppose you ever think of the choices you make in everyday circumstances as life-or-death decisions. In reality, however, every time you make a decision you have opportunity to choose life. In each choice there is the path that leads to a life giving result and one that does not. And every time you choose you incrementally move along that path. I know it sounds simplistic, but if you think of your decisions in a grand scheme of your journey, it will ultimately lead to vibrant life or draining emptiness. When you keep Christ at the center of your decisions, and integrated into your own journey, He will help you will tilt to the choices that will bring life and vibrancy to people around you and your own heart. That’s because He is the source of life and His whole desire for you is to find the fullness and vibrancy of life He created for you. Look for life in every choice, and walk toward it.

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