Bumpy Roads

When we came to the rocky stretch of road on the way to our destination in rural Africa, it felt like every internal organ was being dislodged. Boulders the size of boxes served as the road we were to traverse. Boy did the bouncing get tiring. We felt like just stopping in order not to have to put up with the uncomfortable ride. And of course the unspoken question was, “Are we on the road?” Well, of course we were on the road and if we were to make it to our destination we just had to pass through this bumpy stretch. The guide assured us the road would carry us to our destination.

When you hit hard times, bumpy roads, uncomfortable circumstances, your first reaction is to stop the discomfort. But often those bumpy times are simply a stretch of the road that will eventually lead you to your destination. You may even doubt that the path is the right one. Perhaps you wonder if you were really actually called to this. In those patches of bumpy roads, listen carefully to the guide of your soul – Jesus Christ. You may feel jostled about quite a bit, but I assure you He will not steer you wrong. Eventually the path He has called you to will lead to peace and confidence.

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