Embracing the Journey

I was really proud of the group of students. Intended to be a study tour to Brazil, the agenda was laid out rather nicely with all the details necessary to navigate a week of visits, cultural events, transfers, hotel stays, and meals. Of course that was all on paper. Very quickly it became evident that theory and practice may not always be synonymous. What we plan may not work out like we plan it. Suddenly the times were adjusted, meetings cancelled, new ones appeared out of nowhere, and the whole week became a mixture of responding to change and looking for the lessons. You see, the experience was the lesson. And the group embraced it all to make for a powerful week.

You may have your life planned in five year increments with clear objectives and a neatly laid out strategy. But remember, plans are very different from what may become reality. The key is not how well the plan is laid but how you respond to the curve balls, changes, and delays that are sure to make for an unexpected path. What’s really important is whether you embrace the journey as the lesson for growth or resist the changes in an attempt to retain control. Ultimately there is very little you can control – except how you respond. God has a way of shaping our lives through the unexpected. He also is present – always – when we embrace those moments and trust that what is before us can be used by Him to more deeply form us into His creative hope for us.

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Embrace the uncertainty,