Lifting the Shroud

 These days, with multiple agendas in your life, it is easy to allow a shroud to settle over the various activities you face. You hurry from one thing to the next -- from work to class to home to your own private time. In your rush, it's easy for each to become a separate activity that is compartmentalized from the others. Your home life becomes dim while you're in class; your school work is segregated from your work; and your work becomes an island with little or no connection to either of the others. Even your social connections become a silo separated from all the others. Maybe it’s because you don’t want the pain of one part of your life to infect the other parts. Or perhaps you are so task oriented that you fail to take time to see the larger picture – the mosaic of your whole journey. In any case, it’s like a shroud covers each part of your life separating it from all the others.

But when you take a moment to center yourself spiritually, it's like a bright light illuminates your entire life and allows the shroud to be lifted. And you realize that when God works in your life, He does so by connecting experiences from one silo to another. A spiritual priority allows Christ to illuminate with the brilliance of light to give you a broad perspective; and then to weave your life together in an integrated way that brings wholeness, health, and deep fulfillment.

Please let me know if you have any prayer requests. I will be sure our Prayer Partners pray for you.