New Book Published by William Catling

Posted: January 12, 2012

Detail of book cover. Image from Quayside Publishing Group

A new book by Professor William Catling, Chair of the Department of Art and Design is scheduled to be published in summer 2012. The book is titled, How to See Like An Artist: Train Your Creative Perception Through the Universal Principles of Art (Quayside Publishing Group).

"Being an artist isn't just about drawing or painting--it involves seeing and interpreting the world around you. In this book, experienced artist Bill Catling walks readers through the process of learning to see like an artist. Catling shows how to identify and apply the elements and principles of art, offering an in-depth study of each. From line, shape, and form to color, contrast, and proportion, Catling covers a broad scope of terms and concepts, providing readers with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of art. Exercises, questions, and prompts encourage reader participation along the way and promote an interactive journey."

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