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Posted: April 16, 2012

Installation view of Travis Novak's Thesis Exhibition, "Invisible Kingdom" (2012)

Photographer: Kent Anderson Butler

"Struggle/Embrace" (2010). Sam Guerrero

Photographer: Sam Guerrero

detail of "Overwhelmed and Undertrained" (2011). Nathan Huff

Photographer: Nathan Huff

Travis Novak (Art '07) is a MFA candidate at Claremont Graudate University. His recently wrapped up MFA Thesis Exhibition, Invisible Kingdom, at the Peggy Phelps Gallery.

Sam Guerrero (Art '04) is also a MFA candidate at Portland State University. The MFA Thesis Exhibition, Stop Crying, just opened this past weekend at the MK and Ab Lobby Gallery. The work in his exhibition is driven by a desire to understand the nuances in the Western idea of gender roles and identity. More specifically he seeks to understand his own identity through exploring the male experience.

Nathan Huff (Art '03) is in a group exhibition, Human Presence, curated by Thomas Whittaker Kidd at JK Gallery, Culver City.

Jeffrey Huston (Art '05) is in a two-person exhibition, Walking, at the Saranac Art Gallery in Spokane, WA, that features his metal figurative sculptures.

Kathleen Yorba (MFA '09) is in a group exhibition, Song of the Land, JWAN at the Hebrew Union College - JIR/LA.

Mason Schroder (Graphic Design ‘10) is a graphic designer and photographer working with clients for portraits, engagements and weddings.

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