Adjunct Professors Macha Suzuki and Joe Suzuki Reviewed in ArtScene

Posted: June 5, 2012

Joe Suzuki in front of his "Fortune Cat Series", 2012.

Joe Suzuki and Macha Suzuki are Japanese-born artists, brothers and adjunct professors in the Department of Art and Design. Both are skilled artists who use common materials such as MDF (medium-density fiberboard), raw canvas, plastic and paper to create meticulously crafted pieces that explore materiality, trompe-l’oeil, color and personal histories. Recently, works from both of them were paired in a two-person exhibition.

The following excerpt is part of the review from ArtScene on their recent exhibition at Sam Lee Gallery, in downtown Los Angeles.

"The brothers Joe and Macha Suzuki explore notions of success and failure through a series of sculptural objects and paintings. While they do not collaborate, their collective works make use of common symbols and cultural identifiers. Joe, the eldest reinvents the the "Maneki Neko" (or lucky cat) with a series of paintings that make this piece of Japanese kitsch incredibly endearing. Instead of the white cat moving its paw and beckoning for fortune, Joe's series of cats give rock and roll signs, lewd gestures or sport basketball jerseys. The higher the paw of the cat, the luckier or wider the fortune may be. Joe's cats mock this Japanese tradition and decoration.

In contrast, Macha, who is primarily a sculptor, has a darker approach than his brother. Specifically it's a wall mounted relief with a faux wood texture that expresses his sensibility. Rectangular in shape, this relief features the phrase "Lost Again". An object from which one expects an inspirational quote...instead celebrates defeat.

The brothers' different views and perspectives imply why they don't collaborate. Instead their divergent tracks make for good debate." -G. James Daichendt.

To read the full article, see ArtScene.

Thunderstruck: Works by Joe Suzuki and Macha Suzuki, May 19-June 30, 2012. Sam Lee Gallery, 990 North Hill Street #190, Los Angeles, CA 90012, 323.788.3535

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