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Posted: September 19, 2012

still from video, Christianity Today

Photographer: Christianity Today

detail of "Anthology" by Barbara Hale. Image: Barbara Hale

Photographer: Barbara Hale

detail of "Natural Poise" by Rachel Koukal. Paper Collage on laser-cut wood. Image: Rachel Koukal

Photographer: Rachel Koukal

Rachel Koukal putting the finishing touches on the Free Library. Image: CrashSpace

Photographer: CrashSpace

Ty Clark in the studio. Image: Ty Clark

Photographer: Ty Clark

Travis Novak engaging an audience with his work. Image: Eric Swenson

Photographer: Eric Swenson

Travis Novak next to his work. Image: Eric Swenson

Photographer: Eric Swenson

Amanda Wiens Bockelman performing aerial gymnastics. Image: Michelle Ong

Photographer: Michelle Ong

Craig Goodworth (MFA '10) was prominently featured in a major religious magazine, Christianity Today. Check out the link for the interview. Craig is an artist compelled by the notion that "identity and geography are intimately related." He goes on to say that his "practice is more about making something and figuring out what I made, than it is about what I'm going to make and then making it."

Barbara Hale (MFA '12) is in a solo exhibition, The Beginning of Wisdom, at Anthology Fine Art in Denver, CO from September 6 - 29. She is exhibiting a selection of prints and found object sculptures that combine vintage pseudo scientific references with natural elements.

Mary Song (Lewis) (MFA '14, BFA '11) is in a juried photography group exhibition at the Gwangju International Center in collaboration with the Gwangju Biennale in Gwangju, KOR from September 3 - November 11. The show is to highlight the diversity of the community living in Gwangju and the citiy's connection to the world. Mary is also selected to be on a jurist panel for an upcoming photography exhibit in Gwangju to be determined in October.

Michael James McGowan VI (Graphic Design '10) is the Coordinator of Support Services and Marketing at the San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity.

Anne Emmons (MFA '09) is currently in a faculty group exhibit at Red Rocks Community College in Denver, CO and Colorado Christian University. She teaches painting classes her studio as an extension of Colorado Christian University and has been a guest artist for ArtSmart, a privately funded effort to discover and celebrate the arts in learning.

Rachel Koukal (Art '08) was in a group exhibition, Fall Pulse, supported by Community-Supported Artists in L.A., at the Sidewalk Cafe HTS in Pasadena. Rachel is also part of CrashSpace, a collective that is a hackerspace in Los Angeles, and is part of the growing global hackerspace movement. CrashSpace created a free library in West Los Angeles where, through word of mouth and social media, people bring and take books to read.

Brian Allan (MFA '11, Art '08) was hired as an adjunct professor at California Baptist University. He is coordinating CBU's exhibition space in Riverside, CA.

Jeffrey Siemers (MFA '09) is the Executive Vice President and an Associate Professor at Alaska Christian College in Soldotna, AK. He oversees college targeted to rural Native Alaskans. He is also an adjunct instructor at Kenai Peninsula College in Soldotna, AK.

Kaitlyn Sturgis-Jensen (Art '11) is the Curator's Assistant Registrar for the Fullerton College Centennial at Fullerton College and is the Exhibitions Coordinator for Brea Gallery in the City of Brea, CA.

Ty Clark aka SAMO4PREZ (Art '99) is an artist, writer, activist and humanitarian. He founded the Veritas Art Collective and is CEO of Vertias Fashion, a fashion line that has a fine art and philanthropist bent. An active blogger for HyperVocal, a site devoted to acomprehensive look at the complete, hyper-frenetic news cycle, his most recent post discusses a 3-story tall painting by by Josef Kristofoletti of the discovered Higgs Boson 'God Particle'. And in the studio production side, he recently was in a benefit group show, Quenched 2012 at the Michael Goss Gallery in Dallas, TX that was covered by PaperMag.

Travis Novak (Art '07) is in a group exhibition, Curatorial Exchange: Call of the Wild at Irvine Arts Center curated by Devon Tsuno and Concrete Walls Gallery. The exhibition  focuses on the curatorial styles of twelve different curators. September 8 - October 20.

Amanda Wiens Bockelman (Art '05) is an instructor at San Luis Obispo High School, a coach at Central Coast Gymnastics Sports Center, and an accomplished aerial gymanist.

Note: This information is current for the 2017-18 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.