20+ Students in Pop-Up Pomona Exhibition

Posted: March 10, 2013

Installation view of "Depends on Content"

On March 9, a group exhibition of student work popped up at Gallery p3 in conjunction with the ArtWalk in Pomona.. The show, Depends on Content, was curated by Prof. Stephen Childs' Gallery Design class, an upper division design studio course that provdes an in-depth study of professional gallery design and is a preparation for student senior exhibits.


Sculptures, paintings and photographs were exhibited that ranged in media from watercolor, oil, gummy bears, bronze and plexiglass. A unique factor about the show was that it allowed students to display work in a gallery setting outside of APU and demonstrated to the community that they are capable of putting on an excellent show in a professional gallery environment.


The students expressed gratitude for the opportunity to experience the gallery world and for exposure of their art and design works.


Artists and designers that exhibited work were:


Jordan Ruffin / Elizabeth Goh / Jessica Cook / Scott Kinney / Katie Nagayama / Jenna Julien / Rachel Tan / Brian Allen / Ethan Bailey / Cameron Vaughan / John Chacon / Trent Christiansen / Chris Thomas / Emiko Woods / Mark Johnston / Jessica Baker / Poppy Lawman / Angela Newman / Chris Allen / Sergio Palacios / Emily Maetzold / Rachel Johnson

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