CLAS Picks: Place to Work or Study

With finals coming up, it is a busy season for professors and students alike.

We surveyed the #CLASDreamTeam and asked them to share their go-to spot when they need to be productive. See some of their responses below and who knows, maybe you'll find a new favorite place to study or work!

Off-Campus Spots:

1. Home

"Under my bed I have a study cave made up of blankets and pillows! I have privacy and the convenience of having everything I need all in the same spot! Also I have it decorated with pictures to motivate me." - Ilia Willison, Liberal Studies '18

"Everything I need is within reach and sitting there means I need to work! When I get my work done and leave my desk, I am free to do other things!" - Marcia Berry, Department of Communication Studies

"Can focus better." - Cahleen Shrier, Ph.D., Department of Biology and Chemistry 

"It is quiet, and my wife is nearby." - Bryan Lamkin, Department of History and Political Science

2. Cafe Bungalow

"It's walking distance from East Campus and has amazing sea salt cream beverages." - Jessica Sherer, Department of Communication Studies

"Good treats, coffee and boba that's not too far from campus." - Kevin Huang, Department of Biology and Chemistry

3. Mantra Coffee Shop

"I love the ambience and the high quality coffee/tea, etc." - Louise Huang, Center for Research in Science

4. The Coffee Bean

"I love the coffee - especially the pumpkin ice blended!" - Megan Prosser, Department of Biology and Chemistry

5. Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters

"Lots of other people working!" - Bryant Mathews, Department of Mathematics and Physics

6. Sanctuary Coffee

"Coffee, coffee, coffee!" - Jeffrey Boian, Interdisciplinary Studies

7. Huntington Library

"Readers at the Huntington Library are provided with yearly passes which grant access to the gardens and the library. I find it conducive to work at the large private desks alongside several other scholars in the Huntington Library's Rothenberg Reading Room. I also enjoy taking breaks walking in the gardens." - Mary Wong, Department of Global Studies, Sociology, and TESOL

8. Norris Medical Library at USC

"Libraries are quiet and usually well-lit, so for me they are quite conducive to reading and writing. While I am also often likely to find a book at the Norris library that might be informative on a microbiology topic, I only go there when I absolutely need to get work done because I dislike the dismal environment, and I won't waste time there. From the moment I walk in, I am usually itching to leave, which really gets me focused!" - Sarah Richart, Department of Biology and Chemistry

On-Campus Spots:

1. Stamps Theological Library

"No one is ever in there so it's quiet. It also seems more dignified because the only ones that are mostly in there are the Theology grad students." - Vallorie Rodriguez, Allied Health '19

"I like Stamps because there is enough light to work comfortably and it is never too crowded. It is a good spot to focus." - Kara Hitchcock, Liberal Studies/UG Education K-8 

"Stamps is a very comfortable library that's rarely busy, and no matter what I'm working on, there is likely a book that will help give me greater theological insight to the topic at hand." - Sarah Richart, Department of Biology and Chemistry

2. My office

"It has all of my candy available to me!" - Dan Grissom, Department of Engineering and Computer Science

"I'm just excited to have windows! And not only that, but windows overlooking the rose garden!" - Ryan Montague, Department of Communication Studies

3. Wynn Amphitheater

"I love the amphitheater because of the nature and the sounds there. It's a good place to go when I need perspective and an intentional break." - Kara Hitchcock, Liberal Studies/UG Education K-8

"Lots of shady and sunny spots, quiet and relaxing environment. I go there on lunch breaks to do my Grad school homework." - Holli Morrow Tubbs, Department of English

4. Munson Courtyard

"Shelter from rain or sun, natural light, pleasant music--perfect environment for grading midterms." - Daniel Palm, Department of History and Political Science

5. 1899 Cafe

"Quiet. Friendly. People stop by and share about their lives. They know to find me there. I can have my coffee and enjoy a warm omelette while I grade papers!" - Max Rossi, Department of Modern Languages

6. The Math Office

"Because of the wonderful people who come and go each day. It's an encouraging and fun place to be." - Kim Bartlett, Department of Mathematics and Physics

Note: This information is current for the 2018-19 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.