October's Featured Alumna: Amber Kruggel (Fields) B.A. '14

Written by Regina Ender

As a Christian attorney, Amber Fields Kruggel makes showing grace and God’s love her priority in the courtroom. In any case she works on, she keeps the prosecution’s and the defense’s humanity in mind, displaying compassion regardless of the circumstance. Kruggel is currently working in her first job since graduating law school as a Deputy District Attorney for Fresno County.

Kruggel earned her bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in philosophy from APU in 2014. As an undergraduate student, she said her teachers and classes taught her how to think critically, how to present an argument effectively, and how to analyze court cases. She had incredible relationships with her professors both in and out of the classroom. In addition to helping her prepare for law school, they also invited her into their homes, invited her to dinner, and checked in with her over weekends. This meaningful interpersonal relationship with APU’s faculty gave Amber Kruggel the support she needed to succeed in her career. She was also involved in many parts of APU’s student life around campus, including serving as an Alpha Leader, Vice President for the Student Government Association, and as Vice President for the Pi Sigma Alpha honors society.

After graduating from APU, she went on to earn her Juris Doctor and Criminal Practice Certificate from Pepperdine School of Law in 2017. During her time in law school, she was a member of Moot Court, Trial Team, Criminal Law Society, Women’s Legal Association, Christian Legal Society, and Federalist Society. When she was attending law school, Kruggel said she really felt like she had found her calling. In her second year, she was assigned to a domestic violence restraining order trial and won. When the verdict was read, the victim burst into tears out of relief and gratitude; Kruggel was grateful for the opportunity to fight on the victim’s behalf.

To give back to her community and to inspire young aspiring lawyers, Kruggel coaches a local high schools’ Mock Trial Team. She loves the experience because it allows her to encourage the students and cultivate the next generation of empathetic and effective law professionals.

Words of Wisdom: “No matter what you do with your life or your career, work hard and be nice. As cliché as it sounds, nothing is worth sacrificing your reputation.”

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