Become a Leader in the Public Sector with an MPA Degree

The Master of Public Administration is a 36-unit online program for emerging leaders who desire to advance their career serving in publicly funded or nonprofit organizations. If you are interested in working in the public sector, social service and health services management, urban planning, criminal justice, or education, this degree will help you become a high-performing manager skilled in problem solving, decision making, and communication with diverse population groups.

Choose Your Specialization

  • Emerging Technology and the Public Sector
  • Health Policy and Public Administration
  • Communication and the Public Sector
  • Public Sector Business Administration

Program Highlights

  • Benefit from online courses that provide flexibility, allowing you to study wherever you’re at.
  • Hone your leadership skills with extensive training in the tactics used by highly qualified public managers, the diverse writing and communication styles used in the public sector, and the practical data analysis strategies used for evaluating public programs.
  • Enjoy access to APU’s Center for Public Affairs, located in Sacramento just blocks from the Capitol, where unique programs integrate training in the theory and practice of public service while remaining grounded in the Christian tradition.
  • Engage in research projects with municipal government advocacy organizations.
  • Prepare to solve public problems by using Christ-centered leadership skills to guide public, private, and nonprofit organizations to be ethical and highly effective.

Start Influencing Change with a Public Administration Internship

In California, an increased need exists for social and publicly funded programs that support the state’s diverse people and industries. Azusa Pacific’s MPA degree delivers a comprehensive understanding of how these public sector and nonprofit organizations operate, and equips you with the advanced skills you need to lead and execute the mission and vision of such programs. Apply your knowledge and skills immediately through internships with one of our many partners, including the California Energy Commission, the California Commission on Disability Access, and the City of Sacramento.

Note: This information is current for the 2019-20 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.