Scholarships and Auditions


Thank you for considering being a part of APU Opera and the vocal performance program! A limited number of partial scholarships are awarded to students showing promise as a singer/performer in the field of opera and classical art song. It is our hope that these partial scholarships express our enthusiasm for having you study with us.

Scholarship Auditions

Students wishing to pursue a vocal performance degree must audition to be considered for any Vocal Performance Merit or Opera Scholarship.

Auditions are held during APU Preview events or can be arranged for Friday mornings during the school year, based on availability, by contacting the School of Music at (626) 815-3848 or

Audition Requirements

Undergraduate Students

Three contrasting selections, performed by memory, in the original language, with piano accompaniment (pianist provided) and completed Opera Audition and Scholarship Application (PDF).

  1. One of the selections must be from the G. Schirmer edition of “24 Italian Songs and Arias of the 17th and 18th Centuries”, or the “26 Italian Songs and Arias” edited by John Glenn Paton.
  2. A second selection can in English, Italian, German, or French, and can be either an art song, or it can be an oratorio or opera aria preferably from the 17th or 18th century by composers such as Handel, Bach, Scarlatti, Vivaldi, etc.
  3. The third selection can be another art song or aria, a standard hymn, or a musical-theater selection.

(Note: Pop, rock, or jazz selections are not acceptable for Vocal Performance Merit and Opera Scholarship auditions.)

Graduate Students

Please prepare the following program. You may not sing the entire program, we will choose selections.

  • One Italian art song or aria from 18th century or before
  • Two German Lied
  • Two French Melodie
  • One song in English (not a translation)
  • One selection in any language
  • One 20th or 21st-century art song in any language
  • Two opera arias from any period, in any language (an oratorio aria may not be used to fulfill this requirement)

Students may also be asked to demonstrate their current level of sight-reading skill.

For more information about vocal merit opera scholarships, please contact Dennis Royse, Ph.D., interim director of vocal studies, at