Fall 2013 Guest Lectures

Posted: October 20, 2013

Christian Hosoi

Photographer: hosoiskates.blogspot.com

Devon Tsuno leading the Windgate Workshop

Photographer: Department of Art and Design

Judy Pfaff, "Untitled 20" (detail), 2013. 14 x 17 in, Encaustic and various papers.

Photographer: Judy Pfaff Studio

Terry Dobson, Graphic for "Tip of the Icon"

Photographer: Terry Dobson

Several incredible artists and designers are lined up this Fall 2013 term. Join us at the dates below. All lectures are immediately followed by exhibitions at the University Galleries.


Christian Hosoi

September 17, Duke Lobby, 5:00-6:00pm

Christian Hosoi will be speaking connected to his solo exhibition, "The Art of Christian Hosoi" ongoing in the Duke Gallery.

An All-American professional skateboarder, Hosoi lived by the creed, “Skate and Destroy.” While he found his calling in skating at an early age, he also found himself in the midst of destruction. Hosoi was the subject of an 2006 documentary film Rising Son – The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi, that detailed his initial success as a pro Vans skateboarder, drug addiction, and conversion to Christianity. He is a living legend and has a passion for life and youth culture.

Devon Tsuno

October 1, Duke Lobby, 5:00-6:00pm

Artist Devon Tsuno will be speaking about process in connection to the student collaborative exhibition, High Water, in Duke Gallery. High Water is an educational exhibition, inaugurating the first in a series of new Windgate Workshops hosted by the Department of Art and Design.

For over a decade, Tsuno has wandered the San Gabriel River drainage system, a stone’s throw from the APU campus, documenting the disjunctive economic and topographic relationship between streams and rock quarries. An internationally exhibited artist, Devon is a central figure to the Southern California art scene and has worked as the founder/director of Concrete Walls, an artist run curatorial project.

Judy Pfaff

October 22, Duke Lobby, 5:00-6:00pm

Acclaimed spatial collagist, Judy Pfaff will be discussing her role as an educator and artist as part of the ongoing exhibition, Judy Pfaff: The Art of Flower Arranging in the Duke Gallery. A wildly vibrant artist in today’s contemporary art scene, Pfaff was recently featured in the PBS series, ART 21: Art in the Twenty First Century, as well as a cover artist for the academic publication, Sculpture Magazine. Pfaff’s current exhibition will be showing a collection of innovative works that include collage, drawing, and sculpture.

Terry Dobson

November 12, Duke Lobby, 5:00-6:00pm

In this lecture, Designer Terry Dobson will be discussing scholarly research first presented at the International Design Conference in Japan in May 2013, entitled, "Tip of the Icon: Sustainable Stewardship of our Semiotic Shorthand".

"Tip of the Icon'" deconstructs how and why designers use pictures rather then words in graphic communication.

Terry is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, and formerly was a Creative Director for the Walt Disney Company, winning industry awards for Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney Interactive Studios. He was also inagurated into Disney Inventor's Club and awarded a patent for design and technological innovation. He received his MFA from Yale University.

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