MFA Students in Pomona gallery show

Posted: July 12, 2014

Installation of art by Elizabeth Hogan at Lofton2nd. Photo: Lofton2nd

In Downtown Pomona, at the creative art space, LOFTon2nd, nine artists come together in Revery and Memory. The exhibition is curated by MFA student Jordan Mullen and spotlights work from MFA students in Cohort 6.

From the round up at the Pomony Arts Colony, Stacey Davies, writer for Visual Art Source, art ltd., and OC Weekly, notes that the exhibit explores the many facets of the human experience and how they manifest themselves as memory.

From distant memories to the present daydream, each personal and observed experience is revisited and repurposed. When revisiting a memory it can become present and alive, taking on a new life, a new form, and a new purpose. From cathartic mark-making to capturing the remnants of past lives of a particular space, new revelations are revealed. Monsters emerge, mythical beasts take flight, and portraits speak to their identity, all in the act of revery where the artists invite the audience in a new narrative.

Artists include: Kathryn Gilmore / Mary Lewis-Song / Nancy Hines / Lucinda Hanshaw / Cindy De Mesa / Elizabeth Hogan / Rachel Farrington / Jordan Mullen / Stefan Robinson

This exhibition was part of the Pomona Art Walk. Closing Reception is on Friday, July 18 from 7:00-9:00pm.


Revery and Memory, July 10-18, 2014, Lofton2nd, 543 W 2nd St., Pomona, CA

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