Create Engaging Digital Experiences with a Game Design Degree

Bring your creative ideas to life and prepare for an innovative career doing what you love with Azusa Pacific’s Bachelor of Arts in Digital Gaming and Interactive Media. Learn to build games on a AAA engine and benefit from a well-rounded curriculum integrating storytelling, game mechanics, and technical art in this game design degree program. Study under supportive faculty-mentors who work in the industry, and alongside a collaborative community of students engaged in art and design. Benefit from the department’s connections with video game companies like Blizzard, EA, and Square Enix, and APU’s proximity to the multimedia industry hub of Los Angeles.

Program Highlights

  • Gain a well-rounded education through courses in animation techniques, game theory, programming, story and character development, sound design, and environmental design.
  • Benefit from ongoing, hands-on learning and create a playable game each year you are in the major as you develop your portfolio.
  • Gain understanding about the development process, from preproduction to production and postproduction, and beyond.
  • Learn to thoughtfully consider how art and culture impact one another and what role the Christian artist plays in the process.
  • Develop proficiency in an industry-leading game engine, UnReal Engine, with programming support in Java and C++ for broad application on multiple platforms.
  • Expand your knowledge of gaming-related topics including game technologies, AI for games, games and learning, games and health, augmented and/or mixed reality games, and virtual worlds.

Exploring Faith and Influencing Culture

Pursuing a major in APU’s College of Music and the Arts means exploring with diverse individuals the intersection of faith and the arts, fully engaging in various media to tackle some of life’s most complex questions. Learn from faculty with experience living out their Christian faith in the industry as they offer wisdom and mentorship, and create bonds with like-minded students pursuing artistic careers. “Those who tell the stories rule society,” said Plato. At APU, you will find a thriving community of creative students and faculty sharing the goal of becoming great artists who can influence the entertainment industry, and in turn, culture, through stories about beauty, redemption, and what it means to be human.

Prepare for a Game Design Career

The game design industry creates more than $90 billion a year in revenue, and APU’s digital gaming and interactive media major prepares students for roles in this influential industry by offering courses beyond the elements of game development, from technology and production to leadership and project management. Additionally, you will graduate with an original “vertical slice” (playable demo showcasing multiple aspects of a game’s mechanics, art, and form) of a game to include in your professional portfolio for use at competitions, festivals, and job interviews.

Is This Major Right for You?

You’re a digital gaming and interactive media major if you:

  • Are passionate about telling stories
  • Are interested in the intersection of music and imagery
  • Enjoy creating characters and worlds
  • Are fascinated by the structure and strategy of video games
  • Are skilled at problem solving and creating systems
  • Have technical abilities with creative software