About the Program

Why This Major Is Relevant

Our society is becoming increasingly diverse and polarized. Immigration, politics, and religion all contribute to a U.S. population that encompasses wildly different views, assumptions, and beliefs. This potentially volatile environment requires leaders who possess the ability to bridge the gap between widely divergent viewpoints and find a common ground from which to address society’s problems. APU’s communication major uniquely equips graduates to meet this challenge and provide valuable communication skills in a wide variety of fields.

Gain In-depth Learning Experiences

APU’s proximity to Hollywood and downtown L.A. gives rise to many unmatched internship opportunities. Communication studies majors secure internships at top-notch companies such as the Walt Disney Co., Nordstrom, Warner Bros., K-EARTH 101 FM, NBC, ESPN, Capitol Records, Universal Music, Prodigy PR, Voguish Events and Design, and The Giving Keys. Internships ensure that students in APU's communications major graduate with valuable contacts in their chosen field, solid evidence of their skills, and hands-on experience on their résumés.