Career Options

What can you do with a public relations degree?

The following highlights a number of potential public relations careers:

  • Public relations manager
  • Communication director
  • Creative director
  • Spokesperson
  • Event planner
  • Marketing analyst
  • Nonprofit communication professional
  • Media relations specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Blogger
  • Graphic designer
  • Producer

Starting Salary1

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, public relations specialists earned an average of $54,170 in 2012, with a projection of 127,200 new jobs until 2020. Other sources list entry salaries between $30,678 and $71,216 as of December 2015. Entry-level PR specialists earned a median wage of $40,862 at that time.

Job Titles of People with a Public Relations Degree

  • Public relations (PR) director
  • Public relations (PR) manager
  • Public relations specialist
  • Account executive, public relations
  • Assistant account executive
  • Public relations assistant
  • Public relations coordinator
  • Public relations representative
  • Consultant, public relations
  • Corporate communications specialist
  • Director of communications
  • Director of public affairs
  • Event coordinator
  • Event manager
  • Social media manager
  • Internal communications specialist
  • Media director
  • Media relations manager
  • Public affairs manager


  1. Note: Salary information is provided for general reference only. APU does not guarantee the accuracy of the figures listed, and cannot predict or promise a specific salary for any graduate. For the most current salary estimates, please visit