Frequently Asked Questions

When do I view my virtual commencement ceremony?

Saturday, May 8, 2021

  • 10 a.m. – Undergraduate Virtual Commencement Ceremony, Bachelor’s Degrees
  • 3 p.m. – Graduate Virtual Commencement Ceremony, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees

How do I view my virtual commencement ceremony?

It will be livestreamed at on your commencement date at your assigned commencement time. Share this link with your family and friends and even print it on your announcements. You may also choose to set up your own Google Meet or Zoom with family and friends so that you can all watch together and celebrate!

How do I participate in my virtual commencement ceremony?

All cleared graduates will have a name and degree slide included in the virtual ceremony. If you would like to include a picture (of the graduate only) in regalia or professional attire, complete the Photo for Virtual Commencement May 2021 form, by logging in with your APU email address and submit your information no later than April 16. If you do not upload a photo by the deadline, the APU mascot will appear in your place. All cleared graduates will be included in their virtual ceremonies.

What is on the slide created for the graduate?

The picture of the graduate (if uploaded by the April 16 deadline), the name of the graduate, the degree listed, and any Latin Honors (if applicable).

When is my deadline to submit a picture for my virtual commencement ceremony?

You must submit your photo as a JPG file no later than April 16 using the Photo for Virtual Commencement May 2021 form.

What if I miss the photo deadline?

A picture of the APU mascot will take your place. Unfortunately, we have tight time restrictions in order to create the best quality production and we are unable to receive any photos or changes after April 16.

I want to participate but I do not want to include a photo. Can I do that?

Yes, you can! If you do not submit a photo by April 16, our APU mascot will take your place on your slide.

What kind of photo can I submit?

All photos must be of the graduate only. The student should be dressed in regalia or in professional-looking attire. No political or inappropriate pictures will be accepted. If an inappropriate picture is submitted, it will be deleted. Photos must be JPG files.

What is included in the virtual commencement ceremony?

The virtual commencement ceremony is intended to honor each of our graduates with a full graduation ceremony, including a welcome address, prayer, keynote speech, a community hooding (for master’s and doctoral graduates), conferral of the degrees by President Ferguson, a slideshow including all graduates, the official turning of the tassel (for the undergraduate ceremony), pre-recorded Zoom interactions of students, families, friends, and faculty, and the showing of the digital commencement program listing the names of the graduates at the end of the livestream.

I am unable to watch live on my specified date. What do I do?

If you are unable to attend the livestream on your date, the recording of the virtual commencement ceremonies will be available on APU’s commencement website after your ceremony date.

How do I receive my free commencement gift pack?

To receive your gift, please visit the link provided in the email sent to your APU email address or complete this Commencement Gift Pack form by logging in with your APU email and accurately fill out the form. We will mail you your gift after in March/April. To receive your gift, you must be cleared to graduate.

How do I participate in the prerecorded Zoom interactions for the virtual commencement and what will be doing?

If you would like to be a part of the prerecorded Zoom interactions for the virtual commencement ceremonies, please complete the Zoom Interaction Sign-up form. At the specified date and time, together with your family and friends, you will log in to the Zoom link sent to you in your sign up confirmation from the Google form you submitted. You will need to use a laptop or home computer with a camera to participate.

During the Zoom session, we will record several reactions to add to the virtual ceremonies that will be included in the livestream of the virtual commencements. This includes hoodings, the turning of the tassel, and celebrations/reactions with your family and friends. We highly encourage you to decorate your background, and please dress in regalia!

Can I take pictures with APU’s photo vendor or on campus?

As a free gift, you may go to our virtual photo booth where you can upload, save, print, and share your photos, without leaving your home, while appearing on APU’s main campus! Just upload any picture (in regalia, by yourself, or with friends and family), and choose an APU background. Have fun!

Can I defer my participation in commencement for a future date such as December 2021 or May 2022?

Due to the uncertainty surrounding large gatherings in California, we are unable to guarantee an in-person ceremony in the future at this time, and cannot permit graduates to delay their ceremony in hopes of one. We are looking forward to creating a memorable experience and celebrating with you!

What is the $100 Graduation Fee for? Is it refundable?

The Graduation Fee is not refundable and is required for all graduates. It is not a fee for participating in a commencement ceremony or for regalia, but instead covers expenses related to the costs of the diploma, the diploma case, mailings, and other costs associated with degree completion.

If I submit my Intent to Commence and/or Graduate Form to the registrar’s office, does this clear me to graduate and participate in my commencement ceremony?

Submitting your Intent to Commence and/or Graduate Form is the formal process of starting the approval to be cleared to graduate. Once you submit your form, the registrar’s office will process your request and email you regarding whether you have been approved to graduate.

Once you receive your approval to graduate, you will be eligible to participate in your commencement ceremony. Watch your APU email and visit this website for information regarding participation in your commencement ceremony.

How do I purchase my cap and gown (regalia), announcements, or other graduation items?

We highly encourage you to purchase regalia as soon as possible so that you may receive it on time to take pictures for the virtual ceremonies (deadline is April 16). View the Grad Pack Flyer (PDF) or email for more information. You may also visit APU’s University Bookstore website to purchase other graduation/alumni items.

How do I get my special stole or cords that represents my major?

Some departments offer these items. To find out if yours does, contact the department of your major directly.

How do I get my Latin Honors medal?

If you qualify for a medal, it will be mailed to you in your Commencement Gift Pack. Be sure to have your correct address on file with APU so that you receive it.

Qualifying undergraduate students may graduate with the following honors: Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Cum Laude. The minimum GPA requirements for Latin Honors are as follows:

3.90 – Summa Cum Laude
3.80 – Magna Cum Laude
3.70 – Cum Laude

All grades accepted toward graduation at Azusa Pacific University are included in the calculation of these honors, including correspondence and transfer classes. All grades not accepted toward graduation at Azusa Pacific University (such as remedial classes) are not included in the calculation.

When will my physical diploma arrive in the mail?

Diploma cases and diplomas are mailed approximately three months after your degree date.

When will my degree post?

Degrees are posted approximately 30 days after all final grades and/or transcripts have been received and all degree requirements have been met.

How do I obtain my transcripts?

Complete the appropriate online transcript request form to order an official transcript. Be sure to review the transcript fees and policies to ensure that your transcript order arrives within your desired timeframe.

I have other questions. Whom do I contact?

For commencement-related questions, contact For questions regarding undergraduate clearance or related matters, contact For questions regarding graduate or professional student clearance or related matters, contact

Note: Participation in a commencement ceremony (virtual or in-person) does not necessarily indicate completion of a degree program. Students must meet ALL university requirements before a degree is conferred. If you have further questions, see our FAQs page or email

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