Graduation Requirements

To participate in the commencement ceremony, students must first be cleared to graduate. View your area below for information on graduation requirements.

Traditional Undergraduate Students

Students who intend to graduate from APU must complete a Graduation Application and submit it to the Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center at least six months prior to their intended graduation. The deadline for turning in the form is posted on the Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center website and academic calendars, and falls within the semester before the student’s last semester. To participate in the commencement ceremony, a student must have academic, financial, and service credit clearances. For more information, contact the Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center at (626) 815-2020.

For additional information on undergraduate graduation requirements as well as requirements for Latin Honors at commencement (summa cum laude, magna cum laude, cum laude), visit the Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center graduation page.

Graduate and Professional Students

Graduates must be cleared by the Office of the Graduate and Professional Registrar to participate in the commencement ceremony. To participate in graduation exercises, all academic requirements must be complete or in process, and all financial obligations to the university must be met. This includes verification of maintaining the minimum grade point average for the degree.

Visit the Graduate and Professional Registrar’s graduation page for important information about the requirements to graduate, including Intent to Commence and/or Graduate form deadlines and degree posting details, as well as information on gold cords/honors at commencement.

Upcoming Commencements:

Spring 2020 May 2
Winter 2020 December 19

Assistance for the Deaf
or Hard of Hearing

Click the appropriate link below to access hearing assistance during that event:
Undergraduate Commencement
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