Participating in Your Virtual Commencement Ceremony

All cleared graduates will have a name and degree slide included in the virtual ceremony. However, if you would like to include a picture (of the graduate only) in regalia or professional attire, complete the Photo for Virtual Commencement May 2021 form, by logging in with your APU email address and submit your information no later than April 16. If you do not upload a photo by the deadline, the APU mascot will appear in your place. All cleared graduates will be included in their virtual ceremonies.

Zoom Interactions

If you would like to be a part of the prerecorded Zoom interactions for the virtual commencement ceremonies, please complete the Zoom Interaction Sign-up form. The Zoom recordings will take place on March 24 at 6 p.m. On this date at this time, together with your family and friends, you will log in to the Zoom link sent to you in your sign up confirmation from the Google form you submitted. Please send the link to the Zoom Interaction Sign-up form to your family and friends. Each household needs to sign up separately in order to log in to the Zoom recordings. You will need to use a laptop or home computer with a camera to participate.

During the Zoom session, we will record several reactions to add to the virtual ceremonies that will be included in the livestream of the virtual commencements. This includes hooding, the turning of the tassel, and celebrations/reactions with your family and friends. We highly encourage you to decorate your background, and please dress in regalia!

Note: Participation in a Virtual Commencement ceremony does not necessarily indicate completion of a degree program. Student must meet ALL university requirements before a degree is conferred. If you have further questions, see our FAQs page or email

Virtual Photo Booth

Visit our virtual photo booth to place yourself and your family at APU and celebrate commencement. Download your photos for free and share.

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