List of Clubs/Organizations

Get connected! Be involved!

Each year, students have the opportunity to join different clubs and organizations and create relationships formed through common interests. Below is a list of undergraduate and graduate/professional clubs and organizations APU offers through the Office of Communiversity and the Office of Graduate and Professional Student Affairs, respectively.

Interested in joining a club, creating one, or bringing one back? Email for more information.

Undergraduate Clubs

Performing Arts Clubs

APU Swing Dance Club

The Azusa Pacific University swing dance club meets on campus each Tuesday and Friday, where we learn the technical skills of swing and develop a close community of friends who share the same interests.

UMOJA (Step Team)

Azusa Pacific’s step ministry team aims to inspire female and male students to spread the word of God through movement and rhythm. Because Umoja in Swahili means “unity,” the sisters and brothers of Umoja believe that we are more than a group—we are a lifelong family made up of individuals with a purpose. Join us and add more meaning to your college experience. All genders, races, and ethnicities welcome.

The Marquee

The Marquee Club was created to encourage discernment of the theater arts through challenging productions, while providing more performance opportunities to all students, regardless of chosen major.

Variety for One (VFO)

Variety for One is a ministry hip-hop dance team on campus that exists to provide students with a creative outlet to glorify God through the gift of dance. We dance to songs with fun and uplifting messages and seek to inspire people into their own creativity.

Zukeepers Improv Club

Our mission is to glorify God and bring joy to others through improvisational comedy.

Social Clubs


#Hydrate is a space for science majors to be refreshed from the drains of school. We do this by engaging with our major in fun ways: connecting students with faculty and hosting various game nights and Bible studies throughout the semester.

APU Adventure League

Join friends every other week to hang out, have fun, kick down doors, kill monsters, and get loot in this crazy-fun tabletop-roleplaying game club. Each meeting is a one-shot adventure in our politically dynamic world, with several GM's to account for a variety of play styles. Level up your character, cast magic-spells, and slay powerful monsters as your character adventures when you attend. The more you play, the more powerful your character. If you've played any games like Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons and want more fantasy action, this is the club for you!

APU Veterans Club

We are committed to quality services and resource awareness that builds community, engages alumni, and provides employment and strong mentoring to all of our students. We develop selfless leaders with a God First attitude.

Quo Vadis Catholic Club

God has a dream, and you are in it. We are summoning all who want to walk into the streams of the Holy Spirit’s fierce love. Creative leaders, wounded soldiers, freedom seekers, millennial vagabonds, artists that don't belong: give a season of focused attention to healing, rest, equipping, incubating, risk taking, releasing gifts, and stretching faith. Sanctify your restlessness. Become who you are.

Quo Vadis? will form a tribe of people who dedicate themselves to the passionate pursuit of Jesus' heart. You will experience God deeply and the encounters with Him and others will heal and release your heart into new levels of trust and hope. A new rhythm of life, new community bonds, and reaching out to those who stay hungry for new beginnings will elevate your expectations on your walk toward wholeness. You will experience God's love in intimate and collaborative moments and you will be immersed in the supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Our foundational character is Catholic but all Christians are welcome.


STRONG is a community of people who experience chronic pain or an illness that interrupts daily life. We meet to provide support, encouragement, and advocate for better resources on campus. We are with students with physical and mental illnesses.

Surf Club

The APU Surf Club is for students who love the beach and surfing. Open to anyone who shares a passion for the waves and God's awesome creation.

Service Clubs

APU Rotaract

Rotaract is dedicated to promoting the global peace effort, international understanding, and community service by building goodwill and better friendships, serving others above ourselves, and serving our immediate and greater community.

ASL Club

The goal of this club is to bring awareness of Deaf culture and persons to the APU community by teaching, practicing, and engaging in American Sign Language and attending Deaf events.

Club Social Work

Our purpose is to connect social work students with each other, faculty and the surrounding community through meetings, events, and outreach days to promote the profession of social work and the importance of social justice.

The Dream Project

The Dream Project is a group of college students committed to bringing joy and love to children in our community by dressing up as various characters and visiting hospitals or service organizations.

Free the Captives

APU Free the Captives aims to raise awareness about the social injustice of human trafficking locally and abroad through the acts of service and community outreach.

Academic Clubs

APU Robotics

Our mission as the APU Robotics club is to provide a place where like-minded individuals of multiple majors can collaborate and serve the local community through education and activity, while applying their coursework and interest into real-life, hands on scenarios and collaborating on projects together.

Chemistry Club

As the Chemistry Club of Azusa Pacific University, our goal is to promote and foster interest in chemistry on campus and in the community. We strive to enhance students in their efforts to become future scientists.

Criminal Justice Association

We strive to provide an extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system and how it impacts others, by exposing students to the criminal justice field as a profession and helping students build connections and networks with professionals within the criminal justice career field.


As a club and course open to students of all disciplines and ages, APU Enactus develops entrepreneurial initiatives through leadership development and business curriculum through the School of Business and Management. APU Enactus is composed of five major projects that reach communities both locally and globally to promote sustainable change toward Kingdom callings.


IDEA (the International Division of Enactus APU) is a platform for international development, creating opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation through international business consulting. Our goal is for students to unravel and enhance their professional callings through cultural engagement and hands on experience.


Project Cultivate

Project Cultivate’s mission is to cultivate restorative communities that affirm identity in survivors of the sex industry through professional, strength-based development. We believe that freedom begins with providing resources which empower and challenge survivors to reach their full potential. Together we can activate a culture of empowerment!


The Hub

The HUB is an on-campus nonprofit that provides a low-cost service to APU’s growing cycling and skateboarding community. Our volunteers provide repairs and maintenance on bikes and boards of all sizes as a cost effective alternative to the local repair shops. We sustain ourselves by a donation-based model and reinvest the proceeds back into The Hub and the Enactus program.



Project Eden has a dual focus: environmental sustainability and aiding at-risk youth. In order to reduce harmful plastic and paper bag waste we sell reusable grocery and drawstring gym bags. To encourage healthy lifestyles, over half our proceeds benefit after school programs for at-risk youth in Azusa and the Greater Los Angeles area.


BARA Clothing Co.

BARA Clothing Co. is streetwear with a purpose. This means that we use 50% of our profits to empower homeless individuals through conversation, relationship, and hygiene packs. We aim to provide our customers with streetwear fashion products of high quality while making a lasting social impact in the lives of the homeless.


Future Allied Health Leaders Association

To gather APU students who are interested in going into Allied Health professions that includes, but is not limited to, PT, PA, OT, and AT. To form camaraderie and friendships between those of the club. To provide insight and knowledge into the careers of those in the club. To prepare club members from transition into graduate school or health field careers. To create networking with health care professionals that may provide insight to club members.

National Association for Music Educators

Our mission is to unite current and future music educators in the opportunity to create a network for themselves through the collaboration of teaching methods, the development of leadership skills, the building of a network of resources, and the establishment of professional credibility while working within the field of music education.

Oui Je Parle Francais (French Club)

Interested in French language and culture? Whether you speak French fluently, or only know a few words, all are welcome!

Azusa Pacific Pre-Law Society

The Azusa Pacific Pre-Law Society is dedicated to providing an intellectually stimulating and spiritually uplifting environment for legal-minded students by providing information and resources relating to law school admission and LSAT preparation, as well as networking and educational opportunities.

Psychology Club

Psychology club aims to unite psych majors/minors in a community where we can share our passions, experiences, and goals in the field and in life.

Sociology Club

APU’s Sociology Club seeks to connect current Sociology majors and minors with faculty, alumni, and employers to empower students to pursue their callings in social service as they align with God's purpose for their lives.

Student Nurses of Azusa Pacific (SNAP)

The Student Nurses of Azusa Pacific (SNAP) University is committed to developing professional nurse leaders and fostering community among the university and School of Nursing students, faculty, and staff.

Honor Societies

Lambda Pi Eta (Communication Honors Society)

Lambda Pi Eta’s mission is to stimulate interest in the field of communication, promote professional development, and explore graduate school opportunities.

National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi)

The society is the nation’s largest leadership honor society where students are selected for membership based on academic standing or leadership potential. The society provides a step-by-step program for members to build their leadership skills through participation at their campus or online, scholarships and awards, exclusive on-campus events, employer recruitment through an online job bank, and discounts on computers, textbooks, grad school prep courses, insurance and much more.

Phi Delta Epsilon (Medical Fraternity)

Phi Delta Epsilon International medical fraternity creates physicians of integrity with a lifelong commitment to our guiding principles of philanthropy, deity, and education through fellowship, service, mentoring, and formal training in leadership, science and ethics. We give students the experiences, resources and tools they need to be successful in all area of academia and, hopefully, medicine.

Scholars for Business Achievement

We believe in advancing School of Business and Management students by creating opportunities for professional development to further Christ’s kingdom through relationship, service, leadership, and professionalism.

Athletic Clubs

APU Rugby

APU Rugby exists to enhance the mission of Azusa Pacific University and honor Christ by utilize sports as the conduit for spiritual, educational, social and athletic growth whilst encouraging us to maximize all our gifts and pursue a lifetime of competitive Christ-like attitudes, sportsmanship, speech, and actions.

Men’s Club Volleyball

We compete with other schools in the nation and are participants in the National Club Volleyball Federation (NCVF). Commitment includes 3 practices a week, weekend tournaments, and NCVF National Tournament.

Women’s Club Volleyball

Want more volleyball? The Women’s Club Volleyball team is a fun, competitive, supportive team who meets 2-3 times per week to practice and play volleyball. This club competes with other schools, is self-coached, and made up of women who love playing volleyball.

Women’s Club Soccer

Women’s Club Soccer provides a fun and active atmosphere for women studying at APU who are interested in playing in a competitive setting. Through the team dynamic we hope to bring women closer together and, overall, closer to God.

Graduate and Professional Clubs

Black Doctoral Student Association (BDSA) in Higher Education

Mission: Azusa Pacific University’s Black Doctoral Student Association (BDSA) in Higher Education exists to foster a supportive environment for doctoral students that promotes holistic development and creates opportunity for upward mobility that will empower students to achieve academically. The BDSA is for individuals of Black or African descent who are holders of or scholars engaged in the pursuit of doctoral degrees from Azusa Pacific University.

Child Life Student Organization

Mission: The Child Life Student Organization is an organization for students pursuing the child life profession. The organization’s purpose is to increase the understanding of the child life profession and prepare and educate students aiming to become Certified Child Life Specialists through educational workshops.

APU Orange County School Counselor Association

Mission: The mission of the APU Orange County School Counselor Association shall be to “enrich ourselves with meaningful endeavors in professional and personal development in order to better serve our communities as professional school counselors.”