Transfer Connections

The Office of Communiversity is the main hub for APU’s transfer students after they are enrolled. The purpose of the Transfer Connections program is to provide opportunities for transfer students to experience a smooth transition into the community and to make the most of their experience here at APU.

There is an abundance of resources, programs, and support services for APU transfer students.

Calendar of Events

Wednesday, January 23

Friday, January 25

Sunday, January 27

Monday, January 28

Wednesday, January 30

Thursday, January 31

Friday, February 1

Monday, February 4

Wednesday, February 6

New Student Orientation and the Alpha Program

These programs are designed to help students connect with other new transfers and current students through various events and programming. Each student is assigned to an Alpha group that meets throughout the fall semester for guidance and support.

Team Transfer

A program on campus designated for transfer student social connection. The group meets every Tuesday night and you can find out more about them on Instagram at @apucommuniversity or by emailing

Transfer-Specific Events

A variety of events will be held each semester through a partnership between the Office of Communiversity and the Undergraduate Academic Success Center in order to support transfer student’s unique needs. To learn more about campus-wide events follow us on Instagram at @apucommuniversity.

Academic Resources

Undergraduate Academic Success Center

The Undergraduate Academic Success Center is comprised of four areas committed to partnering with students, faculty, and staff to support the academic success of Azusa Pacific students:

One Stop

Azusa Pacific’s One Stop office provides enrollment and financial services information and resources. This includes things such as registration, graduation materials, transcripts, academic forms, financial aid, and tuition/fees.

Important One Stop Resources for Transfers:

  • Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT): A guaranteed pathway for transferring to APU. With the ADT option, our goal is to help make the process smoother for you so you can finish your degree while benefiting from all that an APU education offers.
  • Transferology: Transferology is a great online tool where a student can set up an account in order to see how classes transfer into APU from outside institutions. This includes 2-year, 4-year, local, and out-of-state institutions.
  • Academic Policies: This resources provides some important information about being a student at APU from grading policies to course number information.
  • Graduation Tips: Taking into account that a transfer student's time at APU can be condensed, it is important to be aware of the graduation process so students can ensure degree completion in time for commencement.

Campus Resources

Find out more about campus resources, including the library, the computer store, student life, and more.

Leadership Opportunities for Incoming Transfers

Student Government Association (SGA): The House of Representatives internship position is a unique role providing first-year students, either freshmen or first-year transfers, the opportunity to be a part of the leadership that the Student Government Association provides for APU. Each of the representatives is paired with a student Senator with whom they develop a professional mentoring relationship. A representative’s time is spent meeting with members of administration, working on a committee with a small group of SGA members, and working on any project they may develop.

Campus Life Crew: A first-year (transfers welcome) volunteer leadership opportunity, the Campus Life Crew (CLC) is overseen by the Special Events area in the Office of Communiversity and exists to promote community, involvement, and belonging by providing students with engaging, campus-wide events.

Performing Arts Crew: A first-year (transfers welcome) volunteer leadership opportunity, the Performing Arts Crew (PAC) is overseen by the Performing Arts area in the Office of Communiversity and exists to promote community, involvement, and a sense of belonging by providing students with engaging performing arts events.

Transfer Life Crew: This is a volunteer leadership opportunity for transfer students to participate in. The TLC exists to promote community, involvement, and belonging by providing transfer students with engaging events and Team Transfer gatherings.