Commuter Life Assistants

What is the Commuter Life Assistant Program?

The Commuter Life Assistant Program matches incoming freshman and transfer commuter students with a commuter life assistant (CLA) student leader who provides guidance and support to commuters while creating opportunities for commuters to meet each other and learn about APU resources and services. The primary goal of a CLA is to help commuter students adjust to life as APU students, and engage them with academic and personal development opportunities. CLAs also serve the broader Azusa Pacific community by working shifts in the Student Union as resources for information and ticketing services, as well as managing the services provided specifically to commuter students. The position is available to all students, not just commuter students. The following list describes the expectations and requirements of the position:

  • Time commitment: 12+ hours a week
  • Maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Adhere to the Student Leadership Covenant
  • On-/off-campus employment/volunteer work kept to a maximum of 15 hours a week
Sample Time Commitment Per Week
Student Union Desk Hours in Cougar Dome 8-12 hours
Staff Meeting with CLA Staff 1 hour
Meeting with the Director of Commuter Life 1 hour every other week
Programming and Event Planning 1-2 hours
Weekend shift once per month 0-12 hours
Total hours 11-28 hours per week


Are you thinking about becoming a commuter life assistant next year? Apply on Handshake (create your account; you may also access Handshake through the main menu on UG Enrollment Services Center > My Financial Account > Handshake Job Platform).

2021-22 Commuter Life Staff

  • Christine Holden

    Commuter Life Assistant

    Christine is a senior English major and honors humanities minor. She enjoys reading, doodling, and watching La La Land and The Emperor’s New Groove in her free time. She is excited to join the Office of Commuter Life this semester and looks forward to seeing new faces across campus.

  • Iliana Gaid

    Commuter Life Assistant

    Iliana is a sophomore biology and honors humanities student. She was born in Saudi Arabia but is Egyptian, and enjoys swimming, hanging out with friends, trying new foods, and playing video games. She is so excited to be a commuter life assistant and meet new people through the position, and is also excited to finally start her in-person college experience.

  • Nicole Lefetutasi Semeatu

    Commuter Life Assistant

    Nicole is a senior political science major originally from the small island of American Samoa in the South Pacific. She moved to Lancaster, California, after living with her family in Hawaii throughout the pandemic. Nicole is a God-fearing, family-oriented, and cultural person who puts God first in everything and is passionate about sharing her culture with others. Nicole enjoys spending quality time with her family and playing volleyball. She is excited and grateful to be a part of the Commuter Life team, and is looking forward to helping commuter students and cannot wait to see what this semester entails.

  • Cindy Juarez

    Commuter Life Assistant

    Cindy is a senior majoring in Spanish and minoring in prelaw, commuting from Pasadena. She is very family-oriented and enjoys her spiritual journey here at APU. She has a deep passion for human rights and tries to advocate any chance she gets. As a person of faith, she believes it is her calling to pursue a career that advocates for anyone in need. She is applying to law school next year, so please send her emotional support whenever you see her, because she wishes you all the same! In her free time, she likes to spend time with her little dog, Gus, and her family and friends. Cindy cherishes meaningful conversations as well as random and hilarious ones. She enjoys being outdoors and is always willing to try new things. She is ready to go above and beyond for our commuters because she knows how disconnected it can feel for some. Cindy likes to embrace humility by accepting that she does not know all the answers but will try her best to find whatever it is together. She is excited to meet new people and keep building relationships with APU students.

  • Yundi Tian

    Commuter Life Assistant

    Yundi is an international student from mainland China who majors in commercial music: vocal performance. She transferred from Citrus College and lives close to campus as a commuter. She is passionate about performing music in different genres, connecting with people, and participating in creative productions. She is also the coordinator and an active member of the APU Huaren (Chinese) Fellowship, where culture and faith are celebrated and practiced on campus. She also runs the APU international student group chat. In Yundi’s free time, she enjoys singing, photography, gaming, and watching anime and TV series. If you see her on campus, don’t forget to say hi!

  • Mariana VandenHeuvel

    Commuter Life Assistant

    Mariana is a senior communication management major who recently moved to Azusa after living with her family in the Bay Area through the pandemic. Mariana loves Jesus with her whole heart and is always striving to love Him more. She is passionate about advocating for those without a voice and is planning to pursue a career in the criminal justice system after she graduates in May. Mariana loves APU and all the things she has experienced in her years here. Finding connection and community at APU is one of her loves, and she enjoys helping students experience something similar. She loves to travel, explore, and understand different cultures—most recently she studied in South Africa before the pandemic. While the last few years haven’t looked exactly as she expected, Mariana is so thankful that God’s plans are better than hers. If you see her on campus, say hello!

  • Luis Levi Ramirez Arevalo

    Commuter Life Assistant

    Levi Ramirez is an international student who was born and raised in Ahuachapan, El Salvador. He is a sophomore majoring in accounting. The three most important things in his life are God, family, and soccer. As a person who believes in God, Levi is always willing to give advice and to pray for you. He is a bit of an introvert, but he enjoys socializing with people and hanging out with friends. He might look serious, but he is all the opposite—he loves to smile and make people laugh. He loves to play FIFA and can be pretty competitive about it. His favorite food is pupusas. Whenever there is a soccer match, he will be watching. You can ask him about soccer, and he will always have an answer. He also enjoys helping people, so do not hesitate to reach out to him. If you ever see him around campus, please say hi!

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