The COVID-19 Compliance Task Force is actively developing plans for our hopeful return to campus in Spring 2021. Per the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health directives, university campuses must currently remain closed. Further guidance from the county is anticipated by late November.

Based on the current orders from the county, a decision ahead of the anticipated guidance would require the Spring 2021 semester to stay in remote learning. In an effort to prioritize an in-person academic experience, community care, and fiscal stewardship we are waiting to make a decision until this guidance is clarified with hope that the orders will permit a Spring 2021 return.

Given that approval to reopen in Spring 2021 remains uncertain, the COVID-19 Compliance Task force is preparing for all options—including a physically distanced, in-person spring return, as well as a spring semester in remote learning. Chairs, Program Directors, and Faculty are developing multiple spring semester schedules. If county orders do not support our hopeful spring return, we will be prepared to pivot.

With anticipated guidance by the end of November, APU plans to make a decision by December 1 regarding the physical parameters of Spring 2021 campus access in order to provide sufficient time for student housing placements and any scheduling changes. The community can expect communication in the week following this decision.

Below is a timeline of critical dates of which the community should be aware.

  • October 16: S21 Schedule live
  • October 30: Back-up schedules built for all options (physically distanced and remote learning)
  • November 2: S21 Registration begins
  • November 30: Additional classroom technology and plexiglass installed
  • November 30: All PPE ordered and available for distribution
  • December 1: Decision point regarding physically distanced spring
  • December 22: Final housing assignments sent
  • December 30: Trolley preparation completed and classrooms configured for physically distancing