Coronavirus Preparedness: What Students Should Do Before Returning to Campus (3-06-20)

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Dear Parents and Families,

Safeguarding your student’s health and wellbeing is the university’s top priority. In light of the unfolding coronavirus situation, Azusa Pacific activated its Critical Incident Response Team and is enacting several measures around campus to reduce germ spread. Facilities Management is in the process of installing both fixed and portable hand sanitizing dispensers in high use areas as well as wiping door handles and light switches in classrooms daily.

As your student prepares to return to campus after Spring Break, please consider the following information. Your student is advised to:

  • Obtain a thermometer, so he or she can check their own temperature if ill.
  • Obtain a large container of antiseptic hand wipes and wipe down surfaces in his/her room, at least daily.
  • Bring a large container of hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol content) as well as a smaller portable one to carry and use, when hand washing is not an option.
  • Talk to a friend on campus to plan for a place to stay if a roommate becomes ill and needs to limit contact with others.

If your student is currently residing in an area where increased transmission of coronavirus is occurring, he or she should take extra caution to practice good hygiene. The same is true if your student has a chronic medical condition, such as diabetes, asthma, or a suppressed immune system.

After returning to campus, if a student becomes ill and is concerned about the possibility of coronavirus, they should schedule a visit with a Student Health Center provider by logging into the MyCougar Health Portal with their APU credentials, and following the directions on the home page. Appointments can also be made at the SHC during regular business hours by calling (626) 815-2100. All undergraduate students may see a SHC provider free of charge, even if they did not purchase the student health insurance plan.

The leadership of APU is monitoring the situation closely and following the advice of the CDC and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. If cases of coronavirus are diagnosed in the community around us, additional steps may be taken to safeguard health and wellbeing, including the cancellation or postponement of public events, or moving classes to an online forum.

When the Department of Campus Safety receives a call for assistance in a health-related capacity, I have advised that staff wear protective gear, including a mask. Such use does not indicate infection, but rather is a precautionary measure to safeguard our community.

For more information about coronavirus, check the university’s website, which is updated frequently, and watch this WHO video. Your student’s health is important to us.

S. Todd Emerson, DO, ABFP, medical director, Azusa Pacific University