Parents and Families Health Update (4-8-20)

Dear Parents and Families,

With Easter approaching, I hope your student has settled into a new routine with their online classes, while you have adjusted to work transitions and found ways to connect with friends and loved ones while practicing social distancing.

Thankfully, it appears that these social distancing measures are finally paying off here in California, and in many areas of the country. Although it is challenging to continue adhering to these recommendations, I urge you to do so.

In addition to previous tips we have discussed, here are a few additional ones:

  • Use a cloth face covering when out in public. The CDC and State of California have recently advised we do this when out in public, and especially in places such as grocery stores and pharmacies. Research suggests that COVID-19 may be transmitted when we talk.
  • Consider wiping down your phones and electronic devices. If you don’t have a wipeable device cover or manufacturer information on how to clean your device, then do the following:
    • Turn your device off.
    • Use an alcohol based wipe to clean it but don’t apply too much moisture.
    • Dry it off immediately.
  • When bringing groceries into the house, consider wiping them down with a disinfectant wipe or rinsing them off if possible.
  • If ordering takeout, consider using your own dishes and utensils.
  • Leave mail in your garage for 24 hours before bringing it into the house and opening.
  • For general cleaning and disinfecting tips for your home, the CDC has some helpful recommendations.
  • If you feel ill, please limit contact with others right away and follow the recommendations on APU’s COVID-19 website. Many cases are related to a failure to do this.
  • Wash your hands before touching your face.
  • If you care for someone with COVID-19 or presumed COVID-19, remove your clothes afterward and wash them. If possible, use gloves when handling the clothes.
  • If you are sick, please alert your supervisor and connect with your doctor, especially if you are having breathing issues, severe fatigue, or weakness.

No doubt this weekend will feel different than years past, but I would encourage you to engage each day of Holy Week because I believe it will place all that we are experiencing into perspective. The Gospel of Mark has a concise version of events in chapters 11-16, and you can read one chapter a day.

We have much for which we remain grateful. Though some in the APU community have become ill with COVID-19, and a couple of them severely so, we are encouraged by the progress they are making. Let’s continue to pray daily for those that are ill and for our leaders.

Happy Easter!

Dr. Emerson and the SHC Staff