Graduate and Professional Students: Fee Reductions Updates (7-27-20)

Dear Students,

The challenges posed by COVID-19 have impacted all of us. Our plans reflect a shared responsibility for the health and safety of the APU Community and a desire to provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding the transition to remote learning for the Fall 2020 semester, announced by President Ferguson on July 22. In this message, we provide insight into our investment in and preparation for remote learning this semester, as well as an update on fees and housing.

Remote Learning Experience and Investment

APU has substantial expertise in remote learning, with online academic programs offered regularly since 2000. In order to enrich your remote learning experience this fall, APU has made significant investments in up-to-date technologies and extended student educational support.

We are deeply committed to providing a distinctive APU experience that prioritizes rigorous academics, rich student support, intentional faith integration, and meaningful connections between faculty and students. To elevate faculty/student engagement, all classrooms will be equipped with additional technologies, including cameras and microphones. Faculty are spending the summer preparing quality coursework for remote learning that reflects our institutional commitment to academic excellence. We prioritize classroom adaptations that mirror changes unfolding in today’s work settings. The ability to be flexible and adaptable to changes in the marketplace and technology are highly sought-after skills by employers.

Academic Affairs and Student Affairs are also expanding and targeting services to support your success in remote learning. On Wednesday, July 29, you will receive a communication that addresses Student Wellness and Success. Look for details regarding specific services and helpful tips to start Fall strong.

Fee Reductions

Tuition funds course progression toward your degree completion. Our additional investments in your Fall 2020 remote learning experience support your educational continuity. While the cost of tuition does not decrease in a remote learning environment, we recognize that certain on-campus services are not needed. The university will waive the following fees for graduate and professional students for the Fall 2020 semester:

  • Waiver of the $125 Azusa Campus Parking fee
  • Evaluation of course fees on a course- and program-specific basis

If your course fees are reduced, it will be reflected on your student bill.

For your convenience, parking fees were not placed on any student account.

Ongoing Communication and Contacts

We will continue to provide scheduled communications to keep you fully informed. Please note that forthcoming guidelines from the county and state may require us to reevaluate our plans. You are also welcome to contact our offices with questions you may have.


The Offices of the Provost, Student Affairs, and Enrollment Management