Jessica Wong is a 2017-2018 CREV Faculty Fellow

Posted: March 28, 2018


Jessica Wong (SOT), Seeing Jesus: A Visual Theology of Race and the Holy Icon


The problem of implicit racial bias plagues our social and political reality. Black men tend to be seen and, in turn, treated as more violent and socially disruptive than their white counterparts. They are more frequently convicted and more harshly sentenced for the same crimes. In cases of officer-involved shootings, a sense of fear for oneself is commonly cited as the reason for pulling the trigger. 


In Seeing Jesus: A Visual Theology of Race, Jessica Wong investigates the theological logic undergirding this practice of seeing and asks the question of how Christian theology might offer a way forward. Through a treatment of the modern construction of race and icon theology, Wong gives a fresh diagnosis of the problem of racialized sight and provides a constructive Christological intervention, ultimately revealing an alternative liberative visual logic.