Paul Shrier is the Beverly Hardcastle Stanford Fellow for 2017-2018

Posted: May 8, 2018


Paul Shrier, Professor, Department of Practical Theology, Azusa Pacific University




In Their Own Words: Participating with the Disability Community as Christians


Description of Project:

In Their Own Words is a video series considering the theology and ethics of our current Christian church’s stances toward and participation with members of communities of disability.  The series will be created with three major purposes: First, to give people with disabilities a voice in describing their own experiences in Christian communities and telling how they would like to participate: Second, to challenge individual Christians and non-Christians to reconsider their attitudes and actions with regards to persons with disabilities and communities of people with disabilities; Third, to provide a professors, pastors and other leaders in Christian communities with theological and practical tools and motivation to become more inclusive toward people with disabilities.