CREV Fellowship Awards 2018-2019

Posted: May 30, 2018


Beverly Hardcastle Stanford Fellowship (one semester)

Kay Higuera Smith (SOT), Offering Up Faith: The Embodied World of Latinx Bible Reading and Meaning-Making


CREV Faculty Fellowships (three units each)


Justin Ashworth (SOT), Belonging without Borders: Immigration Ethics and the Boundaries of Catholicity


Matthew Heller (BAS), Longitudinal Study of Religious/Spiritual Development in Emerging Adults


Ethan Schrum (CLAS), Cultural Heritage and Moral Formation in Liberal Arts Education after World War II


William Whitney (BAS), A Student’s Guide to Thinking Theologically about Psychology: Integration as Spiritual Formation


Jessica Wong (SOT), Purity: The Visual Logic of Gender, Race, and the Sacred Social Body


Mary Wong (CLAS), Envisioning Religious Peacebuilding in Myanmar: Teaching Peace in Temples, Seminaries, and Mosques