William Whitney is a 2018-2019 CREV Fellow

Posted: October 24, 2018


William Whitney (Dept. of Psychology), A Student’s Guide to Thinking Theologically About Psychology: Integration as Spiritual Formation


While all evangelicals engaging in faith integration in psychology will say that one’s Christian faith needs to shape the academic discipline of psychology, evangelicals will differ as to how much (if any) the discipline of psychology can actually clarify, broaden (and even critique) Christian theology. A large majority of the resources available for teaching faith integration within psychology include models and debate concerning how much the discipline of psychology should inform one’s Christian faith. However, orienting students to these models and debates does not necessarily help students discover how their own faith tradition and culture shape their own interests and research in psychology. In short, more resources are needed to help students think about their own faith and cultural background and reflect on how their own faith informs their studies in psychology. This current book proposal, written during the CREV fellowship, seeks to fill this gap in the resources available for teaching psychology faith integration classes at the undergraduate and graduate level. Consequently, the chief aim of this book project is to help students understand faith integration with psychology as part of their own spiritual formation, and to develop their own approach to faith integration through sustained reflection of their own theological tradition and cultural background.