Mary Wong is a 2018-2019 CREV Faculty Fellow

Posted: November 2, 2018

Mary Wong, Envisioning Religious Peacebuilding in Myanmar: Teaching Peace in Temples, Seminaries, and Mosques

Myanmar (formerly Burma) is often in the headlines due to international outcries of ethnic cleansing of the Muslim Rohingya.  While religion is often cited as a root cause of such conflicts, religion also has the potential to be part of the solution. Omer, Appleby, and Little (2015) ask the question: “Could religions contribute to a transformed social, political, and economic order in which violence would give way to more peaceful relations among peoples?” (p. ix). Applying this to Myanmar, this project explores how peacebuilding in Myanmar is related to the nexus of religion, education, and language rights, and asks: How do Buddhist, Christian and Muslim educators and peace workers in Myanmar envision their role and the role of their schools and language-in-education policies, in peacebuilding and reconciliation within the state?