How Do I Prepare an SoTL Article for Publication?

Faculty and administrators everywhere are growing more interested in turning their scholarly attention toward improving higher education with the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, or SoTL.

SoTL is a multidisciplinary endeavor, and the results benefit everyone—students, faculty, and institutions of higher learning. Everything from math anxiety to inverted classrooms to making your campus welcoming for first-generation college students can be explored through SoTL.

Find out how you can contribute to the growing SoTL market with How Do I Prepare a SoTL Article for Publication?, a Magna 20 Minute Mentor.

In this focused session, the presenter, Milton D. Cox, Ph.D., founder and director emeritus of the Center for the Enhancement of Learning, Teaching, and University Assessment at Miami University, Ohio, shares his extensive experience in promoting excellence in college teaching.

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