Four Lessons about Learning Discovered on a Chairlift | Student Assessment

By Maryellen Weimer, PhD

Chemistry professor Steven M. Wright has written a one-page essay about his niece, Julia, learning how to downhill ski. She was ready for her first ride on the chairlift and Wright was helping her. He's a professor so he covered the topic in a well-organized, easy-to-understand way. It was a short, five minute lecture that ended with a repeat of the main point, "keep your ski tips up when you get on the lift."

So they get in the lift line and ready themselves for the chairlift to sweep them up the mountain. Whoosh! And within three feet of getting on the lift, Julia lost her skis. They spend the rest of the ride brainstorming solutions to being ski-less on the lift. Wright reports that Julia did learn her lesson. She hasn't lost her skis on a chairlift since. And Professor Wright learned his lessons—four of them.

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Four Lessons about Learning Discovered on a Chairlift