2018 CTLA Summer Institutes

Join your colleagues this summer to learn how to transform your courses to yield the best possible student learning engagement. CTLA is offering three unique and exciting institutes, focused on course redesign, faith integration, and teaching with technology.  

All faculty, including adjunct and regional center faculty, are encouraged to apply to one or more institutes. 

Institute Descriptions

Special Topics in Faith Integration (May 29-June 1)
This Institute of four half-days will consist of presentations and conversations around key themes in Jonathan R. Wilson's God's Good World: Reclaiming the Doctrine of Creation, as well as other resources. Topics that may emerge include stewardship, personhood, bodies, culture, beauty, justice, the image of God, and more. The Institute is designed to immerse faculty (full-time or adjunct) in a relevant theological topic (Creation for 2018), and to work toward knowledge and application of that topic for discipline specific teaching and scholarship.
Designing Significant Learning Experiences (June 18-20)
This institute will provide faculty with integrated course design principles on how to construct courses that go beyond lecture, memorization, “teaching to the test” and other forms of “information in/information out.” Topics include setting the stage for teaching-learning excellence, significant learning taxonomy & framework, active and inclusive learning strategies, and team-based learning. Participants will actively engage in re-designing elements of a current course they are teaching.
Teaching with Technology (June 6-8 OR July 9-11)
This institute offers faculty an opportunity to improve their teaching through the appropriate and effective incorporation of technology.  Faculty participants will receive hands-on training and practice using the flipped classroom model, Canvas, Google Apps, video recording and editing tools, mobile devices, and social media - aimed at enhancing student learning.  Faculty will walk away with a plan that can be implemented immediately. Both dates offer the same content; just register for one.
*Faculty participants will receive $250 of credit per completed institute towards relevant professional development (e.g., books, technology, conference registration, professional membership, etc.).  Each participant can sign-up for a total of two institutes. Please note that all purchases and reimbursements need to be approved by the respective institute coordinators.

Important Dates

Participants can apply for a total of two different institutes. To maximize interaction, each institute will be limited to about a dozen participants. The institutes will take place at the APU main campus.  
  • Application Deadline: May 18
  • Applicants Notified: May 22 (or earlier for applications submitted before deadline)

Requirements and Badges

While requirements for each institute will vary slightly, the following represents general requirements for all three institutes:
  • Submit revised syllabus reflecting the effective incorporation of concepts learned (e.g., specific technology, framework, competency).
  • Submit an application example of how concepts were incorporated in the class.
  • Submit a final written or video reflection summarizing best-practices and lessons learned.
Participants who 1) complete an institute AND 2) submit the related requirements will receive an “Accomplished Practitioner” badge. Participants can earn a maximum of two “Accomplished Practitioner” badges for participation in two different institutes.



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