Important Information for Fall Semester on Campus

Dear Students,

Whether you are joining us for the first time or you are excited about coming back to campus, WELCOME! Even while the pandemic continues to present challenges and uncertainties, we anticipate God’s continued provision and faithfulness that has guided Azusa Pacific University for more than 120 years, and we can’t wait to start the 2021-22 academic year together. We are grateful for the opportunity to be with you as you continue your progress of transformational study. No matter where you are in your journey, you are about to start the next chapter of higher education, personal development, spiritual growth, professional advancement, and relationship building. As the vice president for student affairs, I am blessed to partner with students, faculty, staff, and administrators to create a campus culture in which all students can flourish, thrive, and ultimately, find confidence in who God has called them to be.

We officially opened our campus on August 1 with our employees returning to work in person. We are diligently continuing our preparation for your arrival this fall semester.

As you prepare for campus, here is some important information you will need:

COVID-19 Required Training

Our campus community, led by the Return to Campus Task Force, has been working to make this transition as smooth and efficient as possible. To aid in your return, we have prepared a COVID-19 Student Training Guide, which identifies campus guidelines, mandates, and resources to facilitate a healthy and safe return. Please read this guide before you return to campus or by Sunday, August 23, 2021, whichever comes first. This guide is available on the Destination APU website under Student Resources.


As shared previously, APU will not require COVID-19 vaccinations at this time, but instead strongly encourages all students to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible if they are medically able to do so in consultation with their medical professional. The Student Health Center resumes its weekly vaccination clinic in August. If you are interested, please visit the California Department of Health website, My Turn, to sign up for a vaccination appointment. For more information, or to sign up with a local provider, visit the California State Government site. For those living out of state, visit the CDC vaccine finder.

Please be aware that APU’s decision on vaccination requirements is subject to change if it becomes necessary and reasonable to help keep our campus open. Circumstances and factors that continue to develop in our nation and county that could cause APU to mandate vaccines in order to work and study in person at APU, include, but are not limited to, government orders and regulations, transmission data, vaccination rates, and outbreak events. By and large, our decision will depend on the level of personal responsibility we each take in the weeks ahead as we return to campus.

Vaccination Attestation: If vaccinated students, or those who have had COVID-19 infection diagnosed with a positive test (not antibodies or serology), wish to avoid daily symptom tracking and regular surveillance testing requirements, they must attest to this. In order to demonstrate full vaccination, please submit an image of your vaccine card or other healthcare document showing vaccination status to the MyCougar Health Portal by no later than August 16. In order to attest to having had COVID-19 infection demonstrated by a positive test, fill out the attestation form under the Forms tab. Remember, you are required to submit your daily health assessment as well as participate in regular surveillance testing until proper documentation has been submitted.

Spiritual Formation Opportunities

The Spiritual Life team is eager to serve you this coming academic year and would like to provide you with exciting programming updates in anticipation of the coming semester. We look forward to experiencing the work of God evidenced by a vibrant spiritual atmosphere on campus and special moments of personal and corporate transformation. Our plan for the fall semester is to offer in-person chapel and resume certain ministry and service opportunities. For more information regarding spiritual formation requirements and chapel offerings, please visit [Spiritual Formation Requirements (Chapel and Service). ( I pray that each student called to Azusa Pacific this year will come with an open heart, eager to learn, experience, grow, and change, so that God can work in and through you. Let’s aspire to be a community where we humbly prefer the interests of others above the interests of ourselves.


Shino Simons, PhD

Vice President for Student Affairs