Glendora Café and Bakery

In 2012, needing more room for it’s growing services, Azusa Pacific moved its bakery to a new location in Glendora. The APU-run Glendora Café and Bakery prepares delicious baked goods, such as bagels, breads, cookies, muffins, and pastries, for both APU and the surrounding community. The bakery handles all the production needs of the university while also providing fresh and quality baked items to the public.

In addition to the 650 dozen large muffins, 650 dozen hamburger buns, 600 dozen sandwich rolls, 250 dozen loaves of bread, and 800 dozen cookies it bakes each week, the bakery makes special-occasion desserts like fruit tarts and gourmet cupcakes for campus events and meetings. All products are made from scratch and simple recipes using real butter, flour, sugar, yeast, and eggs.


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