Diversity Collaboration Committee

  • Aaron Hinojosa

    Executive Director, Student Center for Reconciliation and Diversity

  • Andre Garces

    Warehouse Operations Manager

  • Carrie Ullmer

    Director, Center for Global Learning and Engagement

  • Elaine Richardson

    Director, Office of Women’s Development

  • John Baugus

    Executive Director, Office of Human Resources

  • Keith Hall (Chair)

    Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer

  • Mary Grams

    Director, International Student Services

  • Maureen Taylor

    Associate Vice President for External Affairs, Office of University Relations

  • Michelle Johnson

    Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management

  • Richard S. Martinez

    Executive Director, Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence

  • Stephanie Fenwick

    Executive Director of Curricular and Instructional Effectiveness, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

  • Tedd Szeto

    Executive Director, Academic Success Center

  • Alexis Diaz (Multicultural Senator)

    Undergraduate Student

  • Stephanie Haskins (Recorder)

    Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer